Break Jump PBH- BT4

Characteristics: this cue divides into three sections, the first two sections combine for jump cue, the third section combines to make the break cue. the classic design of Jump breaker series is to ensure that the cue is more portable. when the cue ball is hit by the Jump breaker , the cue ball can reach a maximum speed of 9m/s(32km/h). The kinetic reaction created will scatter the balls making the situation easier to clear the table. Removing the third section will create the jump cue, the cue becomes much lighter , the light weight texture also ensures the stability and accuracy of the shot, for a higher degree of success.


PERI Logo Inlay Butt-Cap Leather Weave Wrap Quick Release Joint

Main materials:  Curly Maple Wood   
Standard tip:  Bakelite Tips
Joint: Quick Release Joint
Standard weight: 18.5oz-19.5oz
RRP: $ 248

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